I strive to bring my research to the general public through outreach at schools, libraries, zoos, and more.




If you know of any audience that would like to learn about birds, field ecology, or science in general please email me at!

Science Education: Student-Focused Activities

Sunset Zoo Science Communication Fellow:

Prairie Babies Game

I developed this activity as part of my training as a Science Communication Fellow at Manhattan's Sunset Zoo. Over 3-5 minutes, participants learn about the observed variation in bird nestling growth and development strategies, build baby birds that exhibit some variation, and spin the wheel of "environmental variables" to see how their bird's survival is linked to environmental conditions. 

Science Communication:

Bringing science to the community

I try to bring my science to a variety of public audiences. Some of my recent outreach has included:

Interviewed for Birds and Blooms magazine


Invited Speaker for the Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, watch here!


Invited speaker for the Black Swamp Bird Observatory's Birds at Home Keynote, the Chicago Ornithological Society: Birds & Bytes, and the K-State Johnson County Extension Master Naturalist Program


Interviewed for American Birding Podcast about cowbirds, listen here!


Invited speaker for the Wichita Audubon Society, watch the talk here!

Hosted a BOU #ORNITHOLODAY, tweeting about prairie bird development 170 times in 9 hours

Interviewed as part of an Audubon Magazine article about the Ohio Young Birders Club


Featured graduate student in the fall 2018 edition of SEEK magazine


Invited keynote speaker at the 12th Annual Ohio Young Birders Conference


Radio guest on KSDB student radio and Columbus NPR's All Sides With Ann Fisher

Featured scientist at Science on Tap


Featured on the "Fantastic Women in Science" blog, interviewed about my science and experiences with gender, sexuality, and mental illness


Contributor to 500 Queer Scientists


Interviewed for an Audubon article about human interference and cowbird parasitism

Led a career discussion and a hands-on activity at the 2018 Enhancing Your Future event in Emporia KS

Contributed to the science blog Science Snapshots

Skyped with eighth graders in Hillsdale AZ through the Skype-A-Scientist program

Interacted with community members by sharing photos of my work at Arrow Coffee's Drink and Think event

Guest on 91.9 KSDB Manhattan radio Open Mic, talking about the K-State Science Communication week, my research, and Grasshopper Sparrows in general

Presented some photos of my work at the Kansas State Libraries Science Communication Scholarship Expo

Talked research with K-State students and staff at the Ask a Scientist table

Guest on Topeka's 13 WIBW tv station's Red Couch Show, promoting K-State Science Communication week

Provided video/multimedia to and consulted on the Kansas State Advanced Landscape Immersion and Visualization Environment project "Visualizing the Konza in 4D," a videogame intended to educate students about the prairie and specific research projects that take place there (including project #prairiebabies!)

EYF 2018.jpg
Sarah Winnicki at the Ask a Scientist Table

Teaching the Scientific Process: Linking hypotheses to data using migratory birds

Dr. Alice Boyle and I developed an activity for middle-school girls at the Enhancing Your Future workshop. Over 45 minutes, participants hypothesize about the cause of avian migration and gather data about bird bill morphology, diet, and migratory tendencies. At the end of the workshop, participants use their data to revisit their hypotheses.

Skype a Scientist

I am a participant in the Skype a Scientist program. I connect with teachers across the country and Skype with their classrooms, giving students an opportunity to ask questions about my research, grasslands, field biology, and becoming a scientist. 

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For more information about my science communication and outreach work please check out my CV!