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sarah winnicki_audubon.jpg

Photo courtesy of Camilla Cerea 

I am an evolutionary ecologist primarily interested in understanding the way animals grow and develop. My current work explores within-species variation in parental investment and offspring development in songbirds.

I am currently a PhD candidate in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's
Program for Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology in the labs of Dr. Mark Hauber and Dr. T.J. Benson. Our current work investigates the impact of maternally-derived hormones on embryonic growth (see "Research" tab for more details). I plan to defend in Spring 2024 and I'm currently looking for a postdoctoral research position.

In 2019 I defended my M.Sc. in Biology at Kansas State University in the lab of Dr. Alice Boyle. Check out our sparrow aggregation paper in the journal Ecology and keep an eye out for our work on the development of grassland songbirds (project #PrairieBabies)!

Check out this video that we compiled of some amazing nest predation events caught on our nest cameras!
Adult Grasshopper Sparrow in the hand
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